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Javascript: Map Text to Async function


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Trying to map text to async functions using eval().

function sendResponse(input) {
var inputMap = {
"help": "await foo1()",
"player": "await foo2()",
"company": "await foo3()"
return inputMap[input] || "Command not found."

*sometime later*


But it breaks becuase I am calling await in eval. How can I do this successfully?

Similar to: await is only valid in async function - eval in async but I couldn't get their solution to work.

Error: UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: SyntaxError: await is only valid in async function

EDIT--------------------------- Here is the real code upon request:

function sendResponse(input) {
var inputMap = {
"help": "MOD_DISCORD['helpEmbed'].run()",
"player": "await MOD_PLAYER['playerEmbed'].run(usr)",
"company": "await MOD_COMPANY['companyEmbed'].run(usr)"
return inputMap[input] || "Command not found."

And the external method... this is await MOD_PLAYER['playerEmbed'].run(usr) (its in an external method that I export. I know that part works)

async function playerEmbed(pUsername) {
let returnPackage = await MOD_UTIL['get'].run(`https://www.haloapi.com/profile/h5/profiles/${pUsername}/appearance`);
let compName = "None"
let compId = "None"

if (returnPackage.Company != null) {
compName = returnPackage.Company.Name
compId = returnPackage.Company.Id
let embed = new DISCORD.MessageEmbed()
{ name: 'Service Tag', value: returnPackage.ServiceTag},
{ name: 'Highest CSR', value: `${await getRank(pUsername)}`},
{ name: 'Company', value: compName },
{ name: 'Company ID', value: compId, inline: true },
{ name: 'Created On', value: returnPackage.FirstModifiedUtc.ISO8601Date, inline: true },
{ name: 'Last Modified On', value: returnPackage.LastModifiedUtc.ISO8601Date, inline: true }
return embed

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