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R AOV will not do the interaction between two variables


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I have in the past had R perform aov's with interaction between two varbles, however I am unable to get it to do so now.

Code: x.aov <- aov(thesis_temp$Transformed Time to Metamorphosis ~ thesis_temp$Sex + thesis_temp$Mature + thesis_temp$Sex * thesis_temp$Mature)

Output: Df Sum Sq Mean Sq F value Pr(>F)
thesis_temp$Sex 1 0.000332 0.0003323 1.370 0.2452
thesis_temp$Mature 1 0.000801 0.0008005 3.301 0.0729 . Residuals 82 0.019886 0.0002425

I want it to also include a Sex x Mature interaction, but it will not produce this. Any suggestions of how to get R to also do the interaction analysis?

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