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"Sunday Morning" Full Episode 6/14


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Hosted by Jane Pauley. In our cover story, Tracy Smith talks with Pulitzer Prize-winner Mary Jordan about her new biography of Melania Trump, “The Art of Her Deal.” Plus: David Martin looks at how black military leaders are taking to social media to discuss racial bias in the armed services; Nicholas Thompson handicaps the women in the running to be Joe Biden’s running mate; Erin Moriarty explores how the integrity of medical examiners can be compromised; Lee Cowan talks with father-and-daughter Ron Howard and Bryce Dallas Howard about her new documentary exploring fatherhood, “Dads”; Serena Altschul reports on how millennials and seniors are sharing a love of films via the ”Long Distance Movie Club”; John Dickerson discusses lessons in presidential leadership; and Conor Knighton learns how an L.A.-based travel photographer, housebound by the pandemic, is recreating the great outdoors indoors, in miniature.

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